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We offer a wide range of services tailored to your needs.

In our consultancy, we offer high quality services and exceptional results.

We are committed to working closely with you, understanding your goals and needs to provide you with customized and effective solutions. Our client-centric approach and our experience in different sectors make us your strategic partner to achieve success in your projects.

Project Management

We have a team of project management experts who will support you from planning to execution. We will work closely with you to ensure that your projects run efficiently, within scope and within budget.

Hardware and Software Acquisition Consulting

We will assist you in the selection and acquisition of the right hardware and software for your projects. Our consultants will evaluate your needs and provide you with personalized recommendations to ensure that you have the most appropriate technological tools.

Advanced Technologies Consulting

If you are interested in incorporating advanced technologies to your projects, such as laser scanners, drones, Lidar or precision agriculture, we can advise you on their implementation. We will provide you with updated information and guide you in the adoption of these technologies to maximize the results of your projects.

Process Optimization

We will analyze your current processes and help you identify areas for improvement and efficiency. Our consultants will provide you with practical solutions and effective strategies to optimize your operations, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Career Development

We offer training and professional development programs for your team. Our courses and workshops are designed to strengthen skills in project management and advanced technologies, enabling your team to be prepared to face current and future challenges.

Technical Service

In our open consultancy, we are proud to offer a high quality Technical Service (TSS) for different brands. We understand that having a reliable and efficient technical support is essential to ensure the optimal functioning of your equipment and solve any technical problem you may face.

Our team of technical experts is trained and certified in a wide range of recognized brands in the market. We specialize in providing technical solutions for equipment and devices from different manufacturers, which allows us to meet the needs of our customers in a comprehensive manner.




The i90 Pro receiver uses the latest IMU-RTK technology and support for L-band correction services to extend RTK positioning to any location.

Unlike standard MEMS-based GNSS receivers, the i90 Pro GNSS combines a state-of-the-art GNSS RTK engine. With a high-end calibration-free IMU sensor and advanced GNSS tracking capabilities that increase RTK availability and reliability.


The i73 GNSS receiver offers best-in-class GNSS signal tracking in harsh environments, enabling surveys beyond the usual limitations.

The i73 GNSS incorporates the latest innovations, such as an IMU inertial module. It provides automatic pole tilt compensation in an incredibly compact design.


The i83 GNSS receiver provides speed and accuracy in an easy-to-use GNSS solution for completing surveying and construction projects efficiently. The i83 GNSS receiver integrates positioning and communication technologies into one rugged unit that is designed to provide job flexibility. When RTK networks are not available on your job sites, simply set up an i83 GNSS UHF GNSS base and use your UHF GNSS mobile to perform your RTK survey.


The i93 is an extremely versatile receiver that integrates the latest GNSS, Auto-IMU, RTK and premium dual camera technologies. It features the innovative iStar GNSS RTK algorithm, 1408 multi-band GNSS channels and a hybrid engine for highly accurate positioning and surveying even in the most unfavorable conditions.


Advanced GNSS reference station for uninterrupted performance in geodetic and scientific applications.

The P5E GNSS reference receiver guarantees exceptional performance for all geodetic and scientific applications. E-mail alarms and automatic reconnection can be configured based on real-time self-diagnostics and self-monitoring. Multiple user rights authorizations, web interface restrictions and HTTP encryption are applied to prevent unauthorized access. Integrated firewall, port and MAC filtering provide additional layers of security.



It is a professional-grade Android field data controller with alphanumeric keypad that offers great flexibility to surveyors during field work. Integrating a G-sensor, E-compass and gyroscope, the HCE600 also offers extended connectivity with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and dual SIM slot 3G modem.

Optimized for the CHCNAV LandStar7 surveying application, the HCE600 is the perfect choice of rugged professional controllers for any demanding survey and construction application.


Rugged Android tablet, LT700 increases efficiency and productivity in different industries and applications. With an 8-inch sunlight-viewable screen in direct sun and high-light areas, the LT700 seamlessly displays any GIS data table, complex vector and raster maps, or high-resolution imagery.

Unlike consumer-grade tablets, the L700 IP67 industrial design withstands all-day use in harsh environments and conditions. Protected from dust, rain, extreme temperatures and accidental drops from 1.2 m, the LT700 always keeps your data safe. It provides advanced solutions for the most demanding applications, such as agriculture, utilities and asset management or environmental studies.


HANDHELD controllers are known for their combination of high performance and ruggedness to handle the most demanding field applications. They offer mobility solutions for companies working in the most demanding industries, helping them to improve their productivity and efficiency in the field.


HANDHELD tablets are known for their combination of high performance and ruggedness (IP65) to handle the most demanding field applications. They offer mobility solutions for companies working in the most demanding industries, helping them to improve their productivity and efficiency in the field.



A premium, high-performance, vehicle-independent mobile mapping solution for capturing massive 3D data in constantly changing global environments.

Whatever the application, the Alpha3D mobile mapping system significantly increases ROI by completing the job faster and more accurately.

AlphaUni 200/300/900/1300/1400/2400 MOBILE MAPPING SOLUTION


With Riegl’s high-speed, long-range VUX-1 UAV and VUX-1 LR scanners combined with industry-leading GNSS and IMU sensors, the AlphaUni 900 and 1300 are designed for the most demanding mapping applications where accuracy, high speeds and altitudes over large scan regions are a necessity.

AlphaAir 450 (AA450)

Is a breakthrough in 3D mobile mapping technology, enabling its use by non-professional users in geospatial reality capture applications and those who have never had access to such technology before.The AlphaAir 450 offers ease of use and high accuracy capabilities at an affordable price.
It is the next generation of CHCNAV’s LiDAR system, which is widely used for power line inspection, topographic mapping, emergency response, agricultural and forestry surveys, and more. This lightweight and rugged all-in-one system integrates a high-performance laser scanner with a professional industrial-grade 26 MP camera and a high-precision inertial navigation system for quality data collection.

*Compatible with DjI Matrice300/350/600/800 and CHCNAV drones.



The BB4 is a high-end unmanned aircraft system resulting from an alliance between two industry leaders in their respective fields.

Its scientific design and highly integrated production technology is from CHCNAV, a global manufacturer specializing in geospatial measurement technology, and its fully automated flight control system from DJI, the global pioneer in the manufacture of commercial UAVs.


The APACHE3 and APACHE4 is a portable shallow draft hull with a single beam echo sounder for bathymetric surveys of lakes, inland rivers and coastal areas.

The main control unit provides seamless 4G communication, eliminating the limitations of traditional network bridge base stations and transmission distances, making hydrographic surveying easier.


  • Turnkey stand-alone multibeam echo sounder USV system
  • Versatile USV solution for offshore, coastal and inland water and lake surveys
  • High-end turnkey multibeam USV solution for high resolution bathymetry

P330 PRO / P60

The P330 Pro VTOL drone features an ultra-efficient aerodynamic design and can reach an endurance of 150 minutes with its payload to cover large areas per flight. With advanced power management and superior navigation algorithms, the P330 Pro can accurately map a 20 km² region at 1:2000 scale. Mapping road corridors and surveying open pit mines are now within the reach of a single flight.



It is the ultimate field-proven field surveying software solution for any Android device and CHCNAV controllers.

Designed for high-precision surveying and mapping tasks, LandStar8 provides seamless workflow management, an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use graphical user interface to complete all your projects efficiently.

Comprehensive data import and export formats, multiple surveying and stakeout methods ensure instant productivity.


CHCNAV Office Software is a powerful tool for editing, processing and analyzing GNSS raw data to obtain highly accurate positions.

Designed as a fully integrated platform to establish a link between your field work and GNSS post processing requirements.

CGO2 is an advanced yet easy-to-use GNSS data post-processing solution for geodetic, surveying, UAV trajectory and ground control point (GCP) and road construction applications.

Precision Positioning Service Software (CPS)

It is an advanced, server-based CHCNAV software package to control and manage regional and national GNSS CORS and RTK networks.

CPS is the result of years of scientific development and technical qualification. With optimized analysis of GNSS positioning errors, such as ionospheric, tropospheric, orbital and multipath errors, CPS calculates and produces high quality RTK corrections from a single base to a virtual network base solution.

Supporting direct TCP/IP and NTRIP protocols, as well as embedded user management, CPS is the solution for delivering reliable local and large-scale CORS and RTK network services.


We are an Authorized Aplitop Software Distributor.
CHCNAV GNSS equipment is fully integrated with Aplitop’s TcpGps, TcpGPS Android, TcpMDT, TcpTUNNEL, TcpPointCloud Editor software.


Precision farming

CHCNAV’s Precision Farming Division develops cost-effective, high-precision GNSS-based solutions for farms of all sizes. Our automatic steering systems enable greater efficiency in the field, reduce operator fatigue and generate savings in chemicals, fuel and fertilizer. The GNSS+INS terrain compensation technology integrated into the autosteer kits provides ±2.5 cm accuracy on all types of terrain. The kits can be reinstalled from vehicle to vehicle in less than 40 minutes to meet the needs of most farmers, regardless of the farming season.

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